Butterfly Scalp Vein Set

Product Classification:

Scalp Vein Set


Injection class mask class transfusion class

Product Features

Have Different Size,Distinguished By The Wing's Color For The Clear Recognition.

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      Feature Of  Scalp Vein Set:

  1. With soft butterfly wings for the convenience of fixation.
  2. Provide venous access and make patient comfort during long term infusion
  3. Safety scalp vein set with protective sheath on the tube.
  4. Sterilized by EO gas non-toxic and pyrogen-free,is only for one-time use.
  5. Size distinguished by the wing's color for the clear recognition.
  6. Different needles are suitable for different infusion set or blood transfusion.
  7. Have two types Luer lock or Luer slip can choose.
  8. Packing:with paper-plastic bag.
  9. Gauges range: 18-27G butterfly atraumatic needle.
  10. Valid for 5 years


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